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~Hyakki Yagyou 2014~ by HoiGao
~Hyakki Yagyou 2014~
Happy Halloween Hyakki Yagyou Pokimono!  Thank you to everyone who participated!!! It was very exciting to see our lovely little ghosties out on parade and we'll look forward to growing in number from here on out :)

Next up is Secret Santa so keep an eye out for that! ;3
Monaka Froslass - Hyakki Yagyou by HoiGao
Monaka Froslass - Hyakki Yagyou
Chibi # 2 :)

It might be a bit harder to tell it's Monaka, her hair is tied up to be too 'ice crystal' buns but it is her @___@ Cuz yaknow Ice types and all XDDDD

Makaze App: ---><da:thumb id="434933340">
IAS Case Oct 2014 - Bad Teachers by HoiGao
IAS Case Oct 2014 - Bad Teachers

Case file
: Bad Teachers

Location: Kolkata, India

Aurum has been called to a boarding school in Kolkata, India to assist the local police in the recent deaths of the faculty members there. The school was on the news prior to the murders when a teacher, Mohit Banerjee, had confessed to child molestation in the past. He had been arrested and was pending trial in a few months but instead was found dead in his locked bedroom.

The murder scene was reminiscent of horror movies with ritualistic killings. There were strange markings and candles found around the room and a carved number four in hindi on him. Police found no evidence of any other human DNA in the room and it seemed that no one had left the bedroom. This was the first death and within a month three more deaths, a phys.ed teacher, math teacher and vice principal, occurred all in the same manner.

Surveillance cameras set up in the school revealed no person other than the teachers entering their room or offices. The strange thing that was noticed was that each victim exited the office and stared at the camera wordlessly, crying for hours before returning to their office. Later in the morning, they were found dead.  Sena had asked to review the tapes after we noticed that when the victims were outside their rooms, the video was glitching. With slowing down the video, we noticed that during the glitch, the victim suddenly displayed bloodied hands and faces before reverting back to their normal selves.

Accommodations will be provided in the boarding school for agents as well as the assistance of the local police team led by Chief Sonu Sachh.

Experience Points: 12

Deadliness Rating: 3 ---> 2

Agents on the case: [Aiah Ramsumair/ Hummingbird] [Theo Blair/ Fly][Meilyr Ceredig/Alkahest]

Rolls result: Nothing happens to Aiah and Meilyr. Theo got a dislocated left shoulder.

EXP gained: 5 : 2 = 2.5 -> 2
Total EXP gained: 12 + 2 = 14


1. Flew out to Kolkata, India with agents "Hummingbird" and "Fly" to investigate in the mysterious deaths that were happening in the boading school. School staff was oddly emotional in response to our arrival and some broke down in tears. [Lack of stability in an educational facility denotes level of incompetency and fear misaligned with proper priorities of children safety.] We were then taken to the principal's office and were informed that the gruesome murders may continue and soon. Time limitation noted. 60% chance of Supernatural activity.

2. Decided to investigate the first victim, the teacher Mr. Banerjee. [Speculative rumors confirmed by outside source from the local police case files regarding their investigation.] The other victims were fellow staff members who, while not complicit in the crime, had foreknowledge of the events and had remained silent on the matter. Sufficient cause for motive if a victim felt that they were indirect collaborators. Next logical step would be to investigate the source of complaints from wronged students.75% chance of Supernatural activity.

3. One student in particular likely candidate. [Head of the honor society and star pupil likely choice to be targetted for unsolicited seclusion with a teacher.] Upon locating the student for confrontation we interrupted the student's prayer ceremony for vengeance from the Hindu Goddess Kali. [A being embodying the dichotomoty of violence and motherly instincts.] Agent Fly and Hummingbird attempted to restrain the perpetrator before she could complete the ritual but failed resulting in the dilocation of Agent Fly's shoulder. Upon absorbing the marble of the floor tiles I was able to properly entrap the female student in a grip she could not escape. 100% chance of Supernatural activity.

Conclusion:  The perpetrator behind the supernatural attacks was arrested and handed over to the local police along with a list of names of other teachers that she was going to target next. [Relevance of the list also denouncing teachers who also knew about the molestations implied.  A copy was also given to the principal.] However as the Goddess Kali, though merely a tool being used, was the real source and cause of the deaths Agents Fly and Hummingbird decided to make a peace offering to the wrathful goddess in an attempt to assuage her anger. One cleansing ritual was performed where the school administration and agents appealed to the Dark Mother.  With the proper apologies and a token of a crying infant laid at her feet the goddess was calmed and retreated her presence from the school.


We decided to split the case into three parts of the summary and I had the beginning. My part is showing when the three agents first arrive to the school and begin to poke around, asking around for any discrepancies and trying to find anyone who would talk to them about Mr. Banerjee's molestations.

Aiah belongs to :iconphantommuse:
Theo belongs to :iconranimated:
Meilyr belongs to me
Pumpkanaien - Hyakki Yagyou by HoiGao
Pumpkanaien - Hyakki Yagyou
Chibi number 1 for :iconpokimono:'s Hyakki Yagyou Event!  I really don't give Naien enough luv and a pumpkaboo just matched her outfit so well already XDDD  The detail might be hard to see but the curl on top of her head is just a hairband and the hair dye is just clay powder that will wash out p easily XDDD Dun worry she's still the same blonde underneath 83


Makaze: <da:thumb id="434933340">


Is totally a Dude.
United States
Favourite style of art: Manga

Obligatory Disclaimer: This post is my personal opinion alone and should be considered separate from the other moderators and Pokimono group.

This is not an apology.  It may be taken by some as a reprimand.  What I am hoping to accomplish with this is to clear the air and have the truth out in the open because I fullheartedly believe that the truth is on my side.

We did not hold this moderator hunt to appease anyone.  We did it because we were strapped for moderators when not one, not two, but THREE mods left and we desperately needed help.  Not only were we left holding the bag several times but now the story has been mangled and twisted to make it out that Pokimono’s moderators are somehow the villians.

I pity the people who are apparently so upset with our decision that they have resorted to childish attacks and evasion tactics.  You would think I would be more understanding of people who applied and didn’t receive the position but in fact I am all the more disappointed in them for it.  I saw a lot of talk in moderator entries about ‘the good of the group’ and wanting to ‘help Pokimono’.  Well frankly, that appears to be a load of horse shit from what I can see.  It may not be the intention, but some of the responses from those who were not chosen so far has only served to perpetuate the frustration and resentment that would only make things worse for the group.

I would like to know just what it is about the moderators chosen that apparently make them SO UNQUALIFIED for the position.  There have been accusations and hostile commentary that skirts around the issue but so far all I have seen about why the winners are unfit boils down to ‘they know the mods’.  Newsflash, almost every single one of the applicants did.  And out of twenty or so people? We could only pick three.

Surprise, surprise, though, IT WAS CLOSE.  I am not at liberty to give specific numbers but many people had very strong applications.  And at least two of those strong candidates have reacted in a way that I personally find to be disappointing.  If there had been another moderator hunt they would have been top choices, but after recent displays of spitefulness I can only say that it reaffirmed that our current choices had been the correct ones.

If you want a more detailed explanation of the process, Llawll has already written a very thorough post on Samurai HQ's tumblr, but the point is that this has already gone too far.  Moderators sometimes will have to be ‘the bad guy’ yes that’s part of the job description, however in this case it is unwarranted and downright vicious of those who would try to portray it as such.

Instead of seeing the good in that the group got help from some eager and dedicated new moderators the only focus I have been shown is how hurt people are that they didn’t get picked. ‘For the group’ my ass.  If that were truly the case it wouldn’t have mattered who was picked.  You’d stick around and tough it out helping where you could.  I should know, I had to do it. For this same exact group even.

I have known some bad moderators.  Some truly corrupt ones.  The kind that if they didn’t like a member personally, they would find ways to get them banned.  And since that wasn’t good enough they decided to go to every one of those member’s friends and spread rumors about art thievery and dissent.  Moderators who would outright tell members that they didn’t have to listen to any complaints whatsoever because they were a moderator for the perks and didn’t want the stress.  Moderators who secretly made their favored members into shadow moderators backroom privileges and all.


So what have Pokimono Moderators done?  Let’s look at the FACTS.  We…responded civilly and politely to all notes, questions, and concerns.  We made an askblog specifically for complaints so people could feel comfortable to talk to us anonymously.  We dedicated a WHOLE 12 HOURS on a Saturday to reassure and talk with members who treated us like we were out to witch hunt them and blatantly accused us of being corrupt. We come up with events, the most prolific year or two so far in the group’s moderate history, and rp with anybody when we have the time to spare.  I know for a fact that at least one of our mods extends warm greetings and conversations, note or otherwise, with new members and we even let previously banned members back into the group because we gave them the benefit of the doubt and a second chance.

What response do we receive? We are called biased. Cliquish. Nepotistic.  Ignorant and spiteful.  When convenient we should be spending every waking moment catering to the group like we’re a paid service.  Except we’re not paid and then again when convenient instead we’re pointed at as tyrannical dictators bloated on our own ego if we do not acquiesce to said ‘requests’. We’re commanded to justify ourselves, to PROVE our worth and if this entitlement was flipped around would any of you demanding that we show our purity of heart like to be treated in such a manner?

We’re not perfect, no person is.  But this petty feud?  This helps no one, least of all Pokimono, and for anyone who would dare say that it’s the moderator’s fault, take a good long look at your own actions first.  It’s all ready been brought to light that at least one anon who had a problem with the group in fact had a personal issue with one of the mods and was using the dissatisfaction of other members with the group as a smokescreen for their real attack on said mod.  I can only guess as to who or what started this path of unhappiness but I do not think it fair to throw unfounded accusations around on pure speculation.


I may not be the most eloquent or diplomatic of people but I am straightforward and I will honestly and openly answer and discuss any questions that anyone has regarding my opinions on the matter if any of you will actually come out and just ask.

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